About Teri

Really?  You want to know about me?  Well, I suppose if you took the time to click on the "About Me" link, then I should respect your decision and tell you a little something about myself.
In this order, I am:
1)  A mom to a set of wonderful, crazy, fun, aggravating, handsome, nerve-wracking identical twin boys.   They are my major joy and major stress, all at the same time.  Moms know what I'm talking about.
2) A wife to a fantastic, frustrating, stubborn, intelligent, handsome man who is a meat cutter by trade.  He, too, along with "Da Boys" is a major joy and major stress in my life.

In no other particular order I am: an avid reader, an artist, a crafter, a lover of food, a pretty darn good cook, a cheapskate, completely extravagant, a writer, a whiner, a volunteer, a giver, a taker, a joker, a smoker, a...never mind.  That kind of got away from me.

I really can't list all the things I am, because that is ever-evolving.  And that's the way life should be.  Ever-evolving.  I'm not continually trying to make myself perfect.  I'm just trying to make myself better.