Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Schedules Are Not for Christmas

Starting a new routine right around Christmas time is probably not the best idea in the world.

It's almost impossible to try to work, while preparing for a major holiday.  There have been so many other things pulling at me, and taking up my time.  Fun, joyful things that I would so much rather be doing.

It's important to take this time to be building memories with the family, instead of being tied to my computer, or a piece of paper and pencil.  

This year, I had a hard time trying to find the Christmas spirit.  It's been really warm and raining a lot, which is kind of odd for this area.  I kind of feel like if stuff is falling out of the sky this time of year, it should be white, and turning the world into a winter wonderland, not a gray, soggy mess.  I'm sure we'll get snow sometime soon.  And then I'll be freaking out, trying keep the driveway shoveled, and the house warm.  

I long for some sunshine, though.  

The kids enjoyed Christmas, and they are continuing to enjoy their presents, and getting to see family.  And isn't family what the season is really all about?  Getting to see those loved ones we don't get to see on a regular basis.  That's where the real joy is.  When I'm with my family, we spend a lot of time laughing, which makes everything better.  

I long for a routine, though.  Changes in routines are upsetting to me.  I don't deal well with being thrown curve balls, and just about everything around the holidays are curve balls.  I'm a planner.  I like to plan stuff out.  If it's not on my calendar or schedule, I feel it shouldn't be happening.  I don't like last minute things.  I try to plan stuff out far in advance, so I have time to wrap my brain around it, find the best way to fit things in, and plan around appointments and things like that.  It's the way I am.  

I don't necessarily like being that way.  And I know that life always throws us unexpected things.  It's the imperfect part of my world, and I have to adjust to it.  I'm going to keep trying.  Maybe, at some point down the road, I'll figure out a way to handle all the little things that life throws at me.  What's the old expression?  "If you want God to laugh at you, tell Him your plans."  It's all just part of living in the imperfect world.  

Until next time, keep it perfectly imperfect.