Thursday, March 26, 2015

Organization? What's That?

Today I was asked what my five favorite organization tips are.
(Insert blank stare.)
My only thought was "Five?  I don't even have ONE!"
And then the real fun started. 
I make Rosaries and bags for my church every year for the First Communion class.  It's something I enjoy doing, and feel honored that they ask me to do it.  And you would think that I would know to make extras, for last minute kids that join the class, or move into the area, or whatever.  But I never do. (Trust me..... this is leading to a point)
This year, when the end of year extras came in, I literally had to dig through  mounds of beads and findings and tools and papers (well, you get the point)  to find my rosary making supplies. 

It was not fun, and cut into the the time that could have been spent actually making the darn things.  Everything was scattered throughout my living room, hither and yon in quite a disturbing manner.
After 4 hours of searching, I finally found all the supplies I am going to need, and figured out what I am going to need to order.   I also found one of my old jewelry making cases that will be perfect for storing just those supplies in.  

It's large enough to hold everything, but small enough to be portable.  (Rosaries are great for working on while I am waiting at doctors offices, watching th kids at  Tae Kwon Do, and places like that.)   

  It has a box for tools, one for black beads, one for white beads,

two for other supplies,

and some space left over in the bag for the bagged Rosaries.

 As long as I keep my act together,  I shouldn't have any problem keeping these things in their case, nice and neat, and most importantly,  knowing where they are when I need them.  (See, I told you I would get back to the organization part of this...)
So now, when someone asks me what my five favorite organization tips are, I can tell them about this one, and be satisfied.  One bit of organizing is better than a blank look, after all.